Rizlas Background

Over ten years in the British Special Forces and an un-honourable discharge have left him making a living as a bodyguard, attitude adjuster, cleaner, whatever comes his way that requires brute force or a hefty arsenal. Often used by Shadowrunners to bring the muscle to the group he mostly lives out of his van, never staying in one location for too long.
Known as a man not to double cross unless you want to see what you look like on the inside, he is loyal and once his friendship has been gained makes a very deadly ally, although gaining his loyalty past his mercenary nature can prove to be harder than imagined.

The unhonourable discharge came after 'The Louvre Massacre' of 2068 when he was leading a covert ops team into France to take out Horsham Grenfeld, a confirmed eco terrorist suspected of the Para-VITAS outbreak of 2046.
The team became compromised and a firefight ensued where seventy three innocent people were killed, mainly French children but more importantly one high level exec from Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries. This high profile casualty meant that the incident gained worldwide focus and the British government had to make a public show of the reprucussions.
The operation was internally considered a success after the remains of Horsham were pieced back together and computer regeneration combined with DNA reconstruction confirmed that one of the bodies was indeed Horsham.

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