Rizla 20 Questions

20 Questions.

1. What Country – England, Portsmouth
2. Physical Description – 6’ tall, stocky, scruffy short brown hair, stubble, large back tattoo of Jap dragon, Brown eyes
3. Recurring Mannerisms? – none
4. Main Motivation? – Be better then myself.
5. Greatest Strength/weakness? – Strengths are loyal, strong. Weakness – Immoral he will do anything to get the job done.
6. Most Favourite thing? – Oriental Food. Least Favourite thing? – Techno music
7. My psychology? – Slightly unstable. If he thinks you have done him a slight he will get revenge. Has very few morals about doing a job for the right price.
8. Greatest Fear? – Having a child. It would leave him vulnerable to attack.
9. Highest ambition? – To get rich enough to retire.
10. Opinion of country? – Best of a bad bunch, they trained him and made him the man he is.
11. Prejudices? – None, you’re either a cunt or you’re alright.
12. Loyalties? – to whom ever is employing him and the team he is working with.
13. In love? No but frequents hookers.
14. Family? – mother and father that he has not seen since he was 16.
15. How would parents describe him? – a complete bastard
16. Gentleman? – Bollocks to that.
17. Religious? – is for the misguided sheep
18. Member of guild/club? – The unofficial ex military one.
19. Thoughts on magic- has its uses.
20. Advice for hero – Stay cool, don’t focus on the negative. Remember the end game.

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