Club Owner

Club owner
Uses: Additional contacts, information, private meeting places
Places to Meet: Club, local political meeting
Similar Contacts: Local dive owner, club kid, barfly
Let’s face it. People get into the club business for two reasons—
nuyen and a certain degree of fame within the scene.
They want nothing more than to please the clientele in order
to keep them (and their wallets) coming back and spreading
the word. People new to the biz will have boundless enthusiasm
for having a good time and will expend a ton of energy and resources
to keep the customers happy. A decade down the road,
though, most club owners will be jaded by the scene and strictly
going through the motions—“it’s a tough life but someone has
to get you drunk”. Usually, when a club owner gets to this point,
only money talks, everything else walks. A club owner will always
treat regulars with a certain degree of respect and camaraderie,
but the longer he has been in the muck, the tougher it is
to penetrate his inner circle.
To stay afloat in the cutthroat club scene, a club owner has
had to battle other owners, undesirables in the neighborhood
(some of which are regulars), and the city government, who
will have made life tough at every opportunity. He’ll have spent
more time arguing with city inspection agents and going back
and forth with his lawyer and financial consultants than most
other small business owners, and he has more than a few tricks
up his sleeve. He knows bands and comedians; strippers and
whores; politicians and bankers; gangers and runners; Mafia
dons and Yakuza oyabun.
You don’t necessarily need to patronize his club for him to
help you out, but it will sure help if you do. Just don’t bring heat
down on his head, or you’ll never get beyond the doorman again.

3 3 2 5 3 3 4 2 6 6 1

Active Skills: Con 3, Etiquette 4, Forgery 2, Intimidation 2,
Negotiation 3, Perception 2
Knowledge Skills: Booze 3, Business 3, Fine Cuisine 3, Fine
Restaurants 3, High Society Rumors 4, Local Culture 3, Local
Politics 4

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