Uses: Weapons and armour, repairs and upgrades
Places to Meet: Shooting range, bar, workshop, dojo
Similar Contacts: Fence, gunsmith, weapons specialist
Somewhere in the city, the armourer has a stash of weapons,
armour, and other goodies, serial numbers (both physical and
electronic) nicely filed off, ready for your hot little hands at a
modest price. If your tastes in weaponry are a little more exotic
or lean towards the military-grade, she should still be able to
hook you up—either with the gear or with someone else who
can get it. She will also be able to recommend a street doctor
who can handle the implantation of weapon systems.
The armourer knows her goods are in high demand from
all sorts of unscrupulous parties on both sides of the law, and is
likely to employ bodyguards for personal safety and the safety
of the merchandise. She will almost certainly be competent
at defending herself and will have the technical know-how to
perform at least basic repairs on weapons and armour. Her web
of contacts will include runners, smugglers, other fences, street
docs, military types, and even corporate suits. Essentially, she
knows almost anyone worth knowing across the entire criminal
spectrum (and beyond).
The easiest and best way to establish an armourer as a contact
is to do business with her … lots of business. An occasional
customer is going to have a difficult time moving beyond client
status. Regular visits, dropping copious amounts of nuyen and
a penchant for discussing the latest in firearm tech will quickly
put a runner in an armourers’ good graces. While it may be expensive
to develop and keep this type of contact, their broad reaching
influence can prove invaluable.

2 3 2 3 3 3 3 3 2 5.4 5 1

Active Skills: Armorer 5, Con 2, Demolitions 2, Etiquette 2
(Street +2), Firearms Skill Group 2, Hardware 2, Negotiation
3, Perception 2
Knowledge Skills: Ballistics 3, Chemistry 2, Engineering 3,
Firearm Design 3, Weapons 5
Cyberware: Olfactory Booster 3, Reaction Enhancer 1,

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